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About Us

As-Salamu Alaikum, Wa - Rahamatulah Wa - Barakatuh.

Yonkers Islamic Center, was established and started in July of  1995, It was incorporated the following year by Brother Hassan, Sister Mairah, Talib Abdul Rashid and Imam Adamu, A . M . Sulleiman.

Yonkers Islamic Center was recognized as Tax excepmt under 50 , 3 between the period of 1997 - 99.
YIC is the first ever Islamic religious institution in the history of the city of Yonkers, serving the Muslim community of Yonkers and it's neighboring cities like The Brone , Mx.vernon and the entire westchester.

It started with a handfull of Brothers and Sisters in a community room of 95 Riverdale, Yonkers with Imam Adamu Sulleiman as the Imam brother Hassan as the treasure and sister Mariya as its secretary.

Shortly after the center was established in 1995, Sheikh Khutbu-Deen, T. Rahaman and their family got involved together with Mr. Akbar and Abdullah Yafiac, all of whom gave a lot of support , morally and financially, Diversity.

YIC consists of Muslims in America, Africans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshi, Arabs and Eastern European groups. We are involved in interfaith work, working with our fellow Jewishs and Cristian groups.

We serve food especialy during the Holy month of Ramadan. Ocationally, we do the same to the homeless in around downtown Yonkers.


20210615_210424 2.jpg

Imam Adamu Morla Sulleimana


Assistant Imam: Nabeel Alghazali

Board Members:


MR. Tariq Tahir


MR. T. Rahman


MR. Mohammed Huq


MR.Manjur Morshed

Staffs and Volunteers:


MR. Zubayer


MR. Mohammed Hafiz


MR. Awaan


MR. Mohammed Mostafa

Contact Us

If you have any query or question please contact us. We will try to reach you as soon as possible.

Yonkers Islamic Center 100 Riverdale Ave suit 1 Yonkers, NY 10701

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